High Gloss Kitchen

High gloss kitchens are very hip today. It takes a certain joie de vivre to pull off. If you want that cheerful sprit to illuminate your life, then a high gloss kitchen may just fit the bill. When you’re thinking of adding a new, exciting look to your cooking and eating space, call the designers at New-York City-based Muretti for a consultation to see if high gloss is the best way to achieve your goals. They’ll provide you with the best advice on how to achieve your goals.

What Is a High Gloss Kitchen?

A high gloss kitchen uses materials that provide a shining finish to surfaces. It transforms the original design of your kitchen into a beautiful, contemporary creation. By adding gloss to the walls, cabinets, countertops and other surfaces, Muretti designers make any traditional kitchen or older design appear to be brand new. High gloss kitchens have gained popularity in recent years because they are designed to enhance small spaces, common in New York City homes. They give the visual effect of having more room. The Italian designers at Muretti have been perfecting design techniques since 1995 to fit your unique needs with a wide range of styles and finishes.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Installing a High Gloss Kitchen?

Choosing the right glossy finish makes a huge difference in the appearance of this uniquely modern surface effect. While there are many benefits to this design, you have to weigh the pros and cons before making your final decision about the installation. The benefits you can achieve by employing a glossy finish for your new or remodeled kitchen include:

  • Because of the luster of the finish in a high gloss kitchen, the space appears to have more room.
  • Light bounces off the glossy finish, while the reflection holds the colors.
  • The finish on high gloss cabinets is almost impossible to damage. In fact, high gloss cabinets are extremely resistant to discoloration, scratching or chipping.
  • Ultra-glossy finishes provide a sealer that prevents water damage or stains from accidental spills. The acrylic used doesn’t allow discoloration caused by heat, either, which makes it very easy to maintain.
  • A high gloss kitchen only requires a clean, wet rag with a mild soap to keep it clean and shining.
  • A high gloss kitchen has a contemporary look and adds value to your home.

Alternatively, consider a few of the downsides of a high gloss kitchen, such as:

  • Because the glossy finish reflects light like a mirror, it requires more frequent cleaning.
  • Its shiny texture shows imperfections, spots and smudges more clearly than a dull or flat surface.
  • High gloss kitchen cabinets require more work to refinish than wood or metal cabinets.
  • Because of the growing demand for high gloss cabinet doors and their ever-increasing popularity, they may be more expensive than other cabinet opinions, though Muretti designers always strive to get you the best price.

What Are the Best Options for Designing a High-Gloss Kitchen?

The most important decision when designing a high gloss kitchen is the type of glossy material you’ll use to create your finish. There are several products that provide a high gloss finish. Your designer recommends some, such as:

  • Acrylic gloss finish
  • Glossy glass
  • Laminate

The high gloss finishes give your kitchen that contemporary feel of modern technology. It illuminates the beauty of any Muretti factory design. While glossy finishes can highlight most colors, the choice of using a lustrous finish best accents color schemes in your kitchen and adjacent rooms that include palettes such as:

Why Chose a High Gloss Kitchen?

Choosing to upgrade your kitchen area with high gloss finishing usually means you’re looking for something new and fresh to enhance the beauty of your home. In new construction, a high gloss kitchen is attractive, sleek and inviting. Muretti’s team of skilled, Italian-inspired designers specialize in creating kitchens that provide the visual designs that truly reflect your skills and preferences. Adding a high gloss kitchen to your home is an upgrade that stands out and retains its fresh, new shine for a long time to come. Contact Muretti today for a consultation.

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